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Lindsey Bourassa is a flamenco dancer, choreographer, teacher, and founding-director of Bourassa Dance Co. & Studio.  In her artistic work, Lindsey creates original dance works that illustrate multifaceted storytelling through the blend of flamenco, contemporary movement, creative prose, and multimedia.  Lindsey also performs traditional flamenco in collaboration with national and international flamenco artists. 

In 2013, Lindsey founded Bourassa Dance Studio, a creative and educational space in Portland, ME offering ongoing flamenco classes, workshops, and performances. 

From top to bottom, left to right: Photos 1-6  by Varcano Spain  / Photos 7 - 11 by Arthur Fink Photography 

Header Photograph by Maria Paz Garaloces

Bourassa Dance Studio

525 rear Forest Avenue

Portland, ME 04101

Tel: (207) 409 - 4070


Lindsey Bourassa