Lindsey Bourassa


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Year after year, the Portland-based flamenco arts venture Bourassa Dancestrives to bring more and more quality flamenco to Maine. This year, Bourassa Dance is hosting and organizing master flamenco shows and workshops in October and November with artists: dancer Miguel Vargas, singer Ale Cano & Bárbara Martínez, guitarist Cristian Puig, and local flamenco dancer Lindsey Bourassa. 

In order to host these phenomenal artists, Bourassa Dance is looking for financial support for the artist’s travel expenses, as well as for artist's teaching fees, rehearsals, and accommodation needs, to allow for each artist to be adequately supported to travel and stay in Maine and to ensure this level of flamenco continues here for years to come. We are looking to raise $1,875 in donations from our community, all of which will go directly toward supporting these artists throughout their workshops on November 14th - 17th and through their performances on October 18th, 19th, and 20th and November 22nd and 23rd organized by Bourassa Dance Flamenco Arts Company of Portland, Maine. Full Details Here

Please consider supporting this endeavor by making a donation of any size, every little bit helps! All who donate will receive a receipt stating the guarantee of funds. Please understand that Bourassa Dance is not a non-profit organization and therefore cannot offer tax deductions for donations. Bourassa Dance is a flamenco arts endeavor, run by individual artist Lindsey Bourassa, who strives to build the flamenco arts community in Maine to be the best it can be and to help enrich Maine’s performing arts sector as one of the best in the country.   

With Deepest Gratitude,  

Lindsey Bourassa